I have a special page just for attorneys for two reasons.

First, I'm an attorney. In fact, I practiced law for more than two decades in the military. So, that gives me a bit of a leg up when doing marketing work for attorneys. Increasingly, the kind of internet marketing that works requires creation of quality content. And, a legal background certainly helps when creating quality content for a legal website.

Second, lawyers are uniquely positioned to benefit from local web marketing. Attorneys usually have a local practice. Of course attorneys can't practice law in states they are not licensed in and their legal practices tend to be a locally oriented. Their clients tend to be people who want a local attorney they can drive to and meet with. So, the local internet opportunities I talk about on other pages of this website apply to attorneys even more than they do to most businesses.

Third, I often talk to attorneys who tell me:

"Internet marketing is too expensive; the ROI just isn't there for me. I get my leads through networking, doing seminars, and other off-line methods."

To lawyers who think that I say:

"You don't know what you are missing out on. Let me show you."

You see, the value of internet marketing isn't only the leads it directly develops, but also, maybe just as importantly -- it's also about the validation it provides to offline leads. Lawyers who ignore online marketing are shooting themselves in the foot with their offline prospects. Today, when a potential client considers hiring an attorney, they almost always will "google" the attorney's name and check out their website. If they aren't impressed, odds are they will not hire the attorney. Or, even if they do, they are less likely to be willing to pay the premium fees that they would pay an attorney they perceive to be an expert.

It is relatively quick and inexpensive to radically improve an attorney's profile and perception with clients through work online. It's much cheaper and easier than doing it through networking, seminars, etc. I'm not saying don't do the offline work as well; you need to do both. It's just that, the ROI will be much greater with the online effort.

Imagine having your own channel on YouTube with dozens of short videos where you answer questions. One question, one answer on each video. Those videos will attract traffic at search engines like google and bing. But, also at YouTube itself -- which has become the #2 search engine in the world.

Then you add a link to that channel on your website. Do you think visitors to your site would be impressed with that? Of course. I can make that happen for you.

How about a book? With a couple hours of your time I can develop a book about whatever practice area you know a lot about and want to attract clients in. I'd create the book based on our conversation and other materials you might have already written or produced. You'd be the author of the book. You could put that on your website. You could have a link to a free download of it at the bottom of every e-mail you send to prospects. Do you think they'd be impressed with that? Of course.

The book and the videos could be promoted all over the web, potentially bringing you new clients and definitely building your on-line reputation. Before long, when people google your name, they'll see listing after listing with links to articles about you, your website, your videos, your book, your social media sites, forums where people are talking about you, etc.

And, that's when things can really take off. That's when you start to get noticed maybe by a reporter looking to interview an expert in your area of expertise; they find you; interview you and quote you in their article. It just builds and builds.

Once you are positioned as an expert in a practice area, then you're able to pick and choose the clients you really want and increase your revenue while spending less time in the office.

But, all of this has to start somewhere. None of it is rocket science. It's a matter of doing it, step by step. Like Michael Jordan says: Just Do It!! When it comes to internet marketing, most lawyers either don't know what to do or don't have the time or money to do it.

We can help solve all these problems and get your internet marketing program headed in the right direction.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to find out more about what we can do for you.

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